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Free Shipping + 15% Discount Over All Purchases

3D Stereoscopic Graffiti Pen for Children's Creative Painting

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$11.48 - $44.88
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Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Specifications: 1854510mm
  • Product Category: 3D Printing Pen
  • Uses: Creative painting
  • Length: 22*5 (cm)
  • Packing: Gift Set
  • Models Available: US rules English, European regulations English, English rules English, Australian rules English, Russian packaging European regulations Russian

Included in Package:

  1. 1 x 3D Pen
  2. 3 colors x 3 meters (total 9m) PLA Filaments (Color Random)
  3. 1 x Adapter (Plug Standard: US or UK or EU Standard, accordingly)
  4. 1 x Pen Holder
  5. 1 x User Manual
  6. 1 x Package Box

Color and Consumables:

  • 3D Printing Pen comes with 12 color consumables

Brush Colors:

  • Available Colors: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink

Instructions for Use:

  1. Insert the power supply and wait for the warm-up process (red light).
  2. Adjust the heating temperature for different filaments as needed.
  3. When the green light is on, double press the insert button to insert the supply.
  4. Use the infinitely variable button to adjust the speed.
  5. Wait for the supplies to come out, and you can start painting.
  6. When you finish drawing, press the eject button and pull out the supplies.


  • Included are 10 meters of filament in 20 random colors.